Protein is our passion.

Since 1954, Eastern has specialized in the wholesale distribution of poultry, beef, seafood, pork, and other products.

But we’ve also specialized in building and establishing long-term relationships with vendors and customers across the country by selling a service; not just a commodity. For over 60 years, we’ve measured our success one satisfied customer at a time, and we continue to do so today. Our goal is to serve our customers with the highest quality service and products that fit their specific needs. Our customers include:

  • Food further processing and manufacturing plants
  • Food service institutions
  • Retailers and grocery store chains
  • Schools, universities, hospitals, and prisons
  • Nonprofit organizations

What distinguishes us from other protein distributors:

  • Long-term relationships. These include clients, suppliers, and an extremely stable team of sales specialists within our company. On average, our sales team members have been with Eastern for 15 years.
  • Understanding client needs. By knowing what our clients need, our sales specialists can locate and negotiate deals that will benefit them directly.
  • Vendor relationships. When vendors have a surplus of a particular product, they often call us first, so we can secure the product for our clients.

Competitive Advantages

Buying Power:

Eastern buys and sells millions of pounds of protein each week. That amount of volume generates a lot of negotiating clout, resulting in substantial savings for our clients.

Expert Advice:

Our knowledgeable sales professionals have an average tenure in the industry of over 15 years. We pride ourselves on helping our customers avoid costly missteps.


Relationships cemented over 60 years with vendors from around the world translate to a big advantage for our customers. With an abundance of resources, we are uniquely positioned to meet your evolving needs.


We’ll take care of the details, while you avoid the hassle of international logistics, documentation, and financial risk.

Dedicated In-House Logistics Support:

We understand that the right product doesn’t do you any good if it doesn’t arrive on time. That’s why we have a dedicated in-house logistics department to ensure you know exactly when your shipment will arrive. We’re available 24/7 to provide all of our customers with accurate shipment tracking information and updates.